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Terms of delivery Tulosta


The Prices mentioned are all net prices. The actual valuable V.A.T. has to be added and will be listed separately. Our prices are without eingagement and subject to change without notice.


All prices are ex works (Düsseldorf) and without packing charges. The risk is transered to the client at the moment of shipping the order. This ist applicable as well if we supply goods at our own istigation or if mountings have to be executed.


Within 14 days 2 % discount, withon 30 days net. New clients will receive th goods cash on delivery or in advance payment. Payments are in general used for the balance of the invoices which are chronologically the eldest. After expiration date of the invoice we are entiteled to charge past-due interest at the amount of the current account interest rate. Cheques and bills of exchange are only accepted due to payment, all extra charges are to the debit of the client.


When exceeding the agreed delivery time (due to the influence byond one’s control, delivery delay of the pre-supplier, shortage of work, operating breakdwons, etc.), a prolongation ist granted up to the period of the delay. These events entitele ourselves t cancel the contract without liability for damages or to adapt the prices according to the new conditons. The client grants us a reasonable time limit of redelivery. Agreements made upon a certain delivery date are only obligatory if confirmed by letter. The term of delivery starts with the date mentionened in the confirmation of the order, but not before the receipt of all necessary papers handed in by the client.


We retain the extended and prologed rights of ownership of the delivered goods until entire payment or until discharge of the bills of exchange resp. cheques. Before the intire payment of the goods has not been regulated, it is not allowed to pledge or to assign them for security without our concent. If the client decides to resell the goods, he is only allowed to do this if the total sum of the purchased goods is to our account. The demand of the client from reselling the goods is already now transerred to us and herewith accepted (prolonged reservation of poperty). In case of open invoices the reservation of property serves as security for our respective demands of balance (enlarged reservation of property).


Complaints must be raised immediately by letter, at the lates 14 days after recept of the goods. If undone, the goods pass for approved. Material that as been cut and / or processed annot be taken back. Commercial or technical unavoidable tolerances, concerning quality, colour, width, weight, finish or design are not subject to complaints. Over- or sub-deliveries (approx. 10 %) usual in trade are to be taken into consideration. In indivudual cases, of agreements have been made in returning the goods, we will credit 80 % of the goods’ value by freigth-free redelivery.

If the client or third parties modify or recondition an article without oru prior concent, the liability for eventually resulting causes will be excluded. There is no liability of defects after transfer of the risk cuased by inappropriate and negligent treatment, excessive conditon or incorrect mounting. Furter claims of the client, in particular a claim of indemenity of defects being not cause of the delivered article itself are exdluded. Concerning essential foreign products, our liability is limited to the transfer of claims towards the supplier of the foreign product.

Our Liability is limited exclusively according to the agrteements mentionned in these conditions, The client may not claim any titles to compensation surpassing these conditions, in particular not claims to imdemenity, even not such form actions out of contract or other rigths due to eventually resulting disadventages, nevertheless the legal basis he refers to. This exlusion of liability is not applicable in case of premeditation, gross negligence of the owner or managers or culpabe breaches of contract. In cas of culpable breaches of contract we ar liable – except of premedation and gross negligence of the owner or managers – for the damages typical of the contract and normally foreseeable.

The exclusion of liability is furthermore not abblicable in these cases in which the law of liability for products warrants for damage to property or injury to persons on privately used objects if the delivered article is missing. It is also not applicable in case of missing characteristics expressively assured, if the assurance had the purpose to secure the client against damages not being caused by the delivered object itself.


Düsseldorf exclusively (incl. For actions to redeem bankers draft and cheques, claims for damages)


For both partner of contract always the German law is valid.

Inferior Court Düsseldorf HRA 8464 – Cronenberg GmbH Inferior Court Düsseldorf HRB 25016, Managing Director Ralf Cronenberg

*AGB (=allgemeine Geschäftsbedigngungen; general business terms. Temark of the translatpr)-

Extended retention of title upon resale with anticipatory assignment clause

The buyer shall be authorised to resell the conditional commodity in the normal course of business only if any receivables are already assigned to the seller in advance which may arise out of resale to customers or third parties. If the conditional commodity is sold in an unfinished condition or after processing or in combination with articles that constitute the exclusive property of the buyer, then the buyer shall already assign the full amount of any receivables to the seller which may arise out of such resale. If conditional commodities are sold by the buyer after processing/combination with articles that do not belong to the seller, then the buyer shall already assign any receivables in accordance with the full value of the conditional commodity together with any subsidiary rights and priority. The seller shall accept such assignment. The buyer shall continue to have authorisation for the purpose of collection of such receivables even after assignment. The seller's right to collect such receivables shall remained unaffected; however, the seller shall be obliged to refrain from collection of such receivables as long as the buyer duly complies with his payment and/or other obligations. The seller shall be entitled to require that the buyer disclose the assigned receivables and their debtors, that the buyer provide any data required for collection purposes as well as hand over any associated documents and notify debtors of such assignment.

Extended retention of title with processing clause

The buyer shall undertake any processing or working of the conditional commodity for the seller without any obligations being incurred by the latter as a result. In the event of processing, combining, commixture or blending of the conditional commodity with others goods which do not belong to the seller, then the seller shall be entitled to a co-ownership share of the new item in proportion to the value of the conditional commodity to the residual finished commodity at the time of processing, combination, commixture or blending. In the event that the buyer acquires sole ownership of the new commodity, then the contracting parties shall be in agreement that the buyer shall grant the seller co-ownership in the new commodity in proportion to the value of the finished and/or combined, commixed or blended conditional commodity and that such shall be kept for the seller free of charge.

Surrender of reserved property

The seller shall be authorised to demand surrender of any items belonging to him at any time, in particular the right to segregation or assignment of assertion of a claim to counter-performance in insolvency proceedings if satisfaction of the seller's demands is jeopardised by the buyer, in particular if insolvency or composition proceedings have been filed against the buyer's assets or if there is substantial deterioration of the latter's financial circumstances. Assertion of retention of title or the pledging of the delivery items by the seller shall not be considered as cancellation of the contract.

Interference by third parties with regard to the reserved property

In the case of pledges or seizure of the conditional commodity or any other orders or interference with the rights of the seller by third parties, then the buyer shall be obliged to immediately notify the seller and in consultation with the latter to do everything necessary in order to avert the danger. Insofar as it is appropriate for protection of the conditional commodity, then the buyer shall assign any relevant claims to the seller at the seller's request. The buyer shall be obliged to provide compensation for any damage and costs – including court costs and attorneys fees – which may be incurred by the seller from intervening measures taken against attachment by third parties.