curtain rails

With our wide range of rail systems, we can always offer you the system that is the most optimal for your situation. The infinite number of configuration possibilities are completed by individual designs that are exactly tailored to your needs. Whether for heavy, multi-part or small, simple curtains; whether manually for centrifuging or motor-driven – not possible: do not exist.


You decide when and how the curtain opens and closes. Whether manually directly at the curtain, manually driven via a cable pull system, electrically driven via an external drive, with a drive flanged directly to the rail end or a combination of motor and manual drive - we have the right system for every application.


From the simple electrical control with constant speed to the complex, programmable control with variable speed and time, destination or position travel: Our solutions always meet your specific needs.

Operation from several locations is possible without any problems, both permanently wired and wireless. The control can also be carried out via various interfaces - analogue via a switch or an individual control panel and digital via control options such as BUS and DMX, individual touch screen control panels, a light control panel, the mobile phone or tablet.

In case of fire, it is possible to trigger the control system via an external contact and, for safe operation, the entire system can also be operated via its own emergency power supply.

Stage Cabinet

In addition to the classic stage equipment, which serves the permanently installed stages, Cronenberg also offers everything in the field of event technology. The stage cabinet is an essential element. It can be set up as a mobile stage in the shortest possible time at any location, it is self-supporting and thus independent of ceiling and wall mounting options. The modular system is easily expandable and offers various accessories such as lighting or curtains.



The manual counter hoist is operated by a hemp rope which is controlled by a hemp rope brake or lock.The counter slide travels in a guide and is balanced with weights on a loading gallery so that the load bar is countered out and a very fast and quiet decoration/prospectus change can take place. Ideal for the classical theatre operation on stages with stage tower.
The manual winch is suitable for the simple movement of loads.

Here the weight on the load bar acts directly on the gear-transforming winch. The manual winch can be installed at almost any control point.


In the shaft system, the discharge ropes directly drive the load rod up and down at the rope drums. The system is very easy to install and can also be used as a modular system.
With the point hoist (with one outlet) and machine hoist (with several outlets), the outlet ropes are guided from the rope drum onto rope sheaves, whereby the ropes/outlet sheaves can be arranged as required.

Optionally, each hoist can be designed as a lighting hoist.

Load bars

The universal load suspension devices for scenery, stage lighting, curtains, etc. belong to virtually every stage equipment and are either a versatile addition to the hoists or are permanently mounted as static fasteners. They are available as standard with a 48 mm and 60 mm tube diameter, as multifunction rail "C-Concept" or as "aluminium C-profile tube" with internal cabling and corresponding plug-in points for power and control signals.


There are no limits to the multifunctional applications and various load capacity requirements of our platforms. Whether plug-in pedestals, scissor pedestals or frame systems, whether with variable height adjustment or fixed height grid, whether for indoor or outdoor use: we supply you with the pedestal you need. As standard system or special form.


The mechanical supports are an important component of every stage technology and are suitable for both mobile and permanently installed use. We offer you different truss systems that meet exactly the requirements you need. All standard and special sizes and shapes are also available with powder coatings in all RAL colours and can be combined according to your wishes.

Lighting systems/stage lighting

The right lighting has not only the task of brightening up the stage and thus make the events on stage visible. Rooms can be specially designed with light and shadow. or narrowed down and intended moods created.
We advise you in detail with a lot of know-how and plan your lighting systems.
Our systems in LED or halogen with DMX control are provided as modular parts and are easy to assemble and install.

Roller screens

Roll-up screens are a particularly space-saving display solution because they hide when not in use. Whether mounted on the ceiling, in the ceiling construction or on the wall: The rolled up cloth only appears when needed and is otherwise invisibly concealed in its protective box. The roll-up screens are available in any size and housing colour you desire.

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